Chronology of Architectural Styles
Classical architecture
Middle Eastern     Greek    
Bookish, dependable and cultured: Ionic capitals on a neoclassical Cincinnati life insurance headquarters. Temple of the Delians, Delos; 19th century pen-and-wash restoration Maison Carrée, Nimes, France, 14 BCE
Ancient Egyptian Herodian architecture 37 BC-4 BC Judea Architecture of Armenia (IVe s - XVIe s) Ionic Doric Corinthian
A capital of the composite order 17a.jpg (39045 bytes) 1b.jpg (69222 bytes)
Tuscan  Composite Roman  Corinthian Late Roman Early Christian Roman
Roman Classical          
Mediaeval architecture


Eastern Byzantine        
Sassanid Byzantine 527 (Sofia)-1520 Russia- Medieval Kievan Rus' (Russo-Byzantine) (988–1230) Russia- Early & Middle Muscovite periods (1230–1630) architecture    
Pre-Romanesque architecture (500-1100AD) Merovingian architecture 400s-700s France and Germany Anglo-Saxon architecture 450s-1066 England and Wales Carolingian architecture 780s-800s France and Germany Ottonian architecture 950s-1050s Germany Westwork
Façade of the Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Portugal, 2nd half of 12th century).  
Visigothic Pre-Romanesque architecture (Spain and Portugal 415-711) Asturian Pre-Romanesque architecture (Spain and Portugal 711-910) Repoblación architecture 880s-1000s Spain Norman architecture 1074-1250 Romanesque architecture 1000-1300  
German Gothic          
Gothic architecture Hanseatic Brick Gothic (Bachsteingothik) c.1350–c.1400 Sondergotik Polish Gothic architecture   Gothicmed
English Gothic          
English Gothic-  Early English Period c.1190—c.1250 English Gothic-  Decorated Period c.1290–c.1350 English Gothic-  Perpendicular Period c.1350–c.1550 Tudor and Jacobean architecture 1485–1603    
French Gothic          
Early French Gothic (1130- 13th cent.) High French Gothic
Rayonnant French Gothic (c. 1240-1350) Gothique Méridional Late French Gothic or Flamboyant style Portuguese Gothic architecture
Italian Gothic          
Italian Gothic  Early Italian Gothic (c. 1228-1290) Mature Italian Gothic (c. 1290-1385) Late Italian Gothic (c. 1385-16th cent.) Cistercian architecture Mediaeval Italian Vernacular
Spanish Gothic          
Early Spanish Gothic (12th cent.) High Spanish Gothic (13th cent.) Mudejar Gothic (13th-15th cent.) Levantino Gothic (14th cent.) Flamboyant/Late Gothic (15th cent.) Isabelline Gothic 1474-1505 (reign) Spain

Renaissance architecture


Elizabethan (England)  (b.1533–d.1603) Cinquecento (Italy) Plateresque (Spain) Manueline Architecture 1495-1521 (reign) Portugal & colonies Spanish Colonial style 1520s–c.1550  
Dutch Renaissance German Renaissance Spanish Renaissance Renaissance Polish Renaissance North Italian Renaissance
Hungarian Renaissance North Renaissance Italian Rennaisance French Renaissance English Renaissance  Mannerism
Late Muscovite period (1612–1712)          
Baroque architecture
026-StPaulsCathedralSouth.jpg (78835 bytes)
Baroque Italian Baroque French Baroque German Baroque Dutch Baroque English Baroque 
Rococo  Sicilian Baroque 1693 earthquake–c.1745 Chilota architecture 1600-present Chiloé and southern Chile      
Russian Baroque          
Russian bud and pear-shaped domes Naryshkin (Muscovite) Baroque   Petrine Baroque Ukrainian Baroque late 1600-1800s Rastrelliesque baroque  (Russia)  


Seventeenth Century architecture


Palladian  1616–1680 (Jones) Dutch Colonial 1615-1674 (Treaty of Westminster) New England Chinoiserie Russian - Late Muscovite period 1612–1712 Spanish Mission  1550s–c.1750 Spanish Colonial style 1520s–c.1650
Imperial Russia (1712–1917)          

Eighteenth Century architecture


NeoClassical (European) 18th-19th cent. Georgian 1720-1840s UK & USA American colonial architecture 1720-1780s USA Federal architecture 1780-1830 USA Pombaline style 1755 earthquake-c.1860 Portugal Adam style 1770 UK
Jeffersonian Classicism 1790s-1830s Virginia, USA NeoGrec / Greek Revival 1820-1860 Roman Classicism 1790-1830 Classical Revival 1790-1830    
Nineteenth Century architecture


Nineteenth Century architecture
CBD032-03.jpg (71241 bytes) roc006-PalisadesHotel.jpg (62522 bytes)
Regency  Victorian Academic Classical Victorian Free Classical Gründerzeit (German late Victorian) Late Victorian Free Style Victorian Industrial
Florida cracker architecture c.1800-present Florida, USA Queenslander (architecture) 1840s–1960s Victorian Worker's Cottage Historicism City Beautiful movement 1890–1900s USA  
Orientalism Hindoo style        
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau
c. 1885–1910
Stile Liberty Jugendstil Modernisme 1888-1911 Catalonian Art Nouveau Vienna Secession 1897-c. 1905 Austrian Art Nouveau  
Queen Anne
Queen Anne Style architecture 1870–1910s England & USA American Queen Anne style Stick Style  1879-1905 New England Eastlake Style 1879-1905 New England Shingle Style    1879-1905 New England Australian Queen Anne Style
Western Stick Eastern Stick        
Revival styles- Neo-Classicism
Directoire Empire Architecture
1804-1814, 1870 revival
Egyptian Revival  architecture 1809–1820s, 1840s, 1920s Classical Revival 1900-1920    
Revival styles- Neo-Romanesque and Byzantine Revival
Richardsonian Romanesque  1880s USA NeoRomanesque / Romanesque Revival  1840–1900 USA NeoByzantine architecture 1882–1920s American Rundbogenstyl (German round-arched neo-Romanesque) Bristol Byzantine 1850-1880 Moorish Revival
Russian Revival 1826-1917, 1990s-present          
Revival styles- Gothic Revival
Built circa 1870 two semi-detached cottages at Mentmore masquerade as one Tudor style  house.
NeoGothic / Gothic Revival 1760s–1840s Carpenter Gothic  USA and Canada 1840s on Scottish Baronial Tudorbethan / Tudor Neo-Manueline 1840s-1910s Portugal & Brazil Indo-Saracenic
Gothick Picturesque Victorian High Gothic / Ruskinian Gothic Muscovite Revival Architecture      
Revival styles- Neo-Renaissance
INW019-11.jpg (67684 bytes)
Italianate  (also neo-Palladian) 1802 Jacobethan 1838 Second Empire Baroque Revival  1865 and 1880 American Empire (style) 1810 Biedermeier 1815–1848 Chateauesque 
Renaissance Revival / Neo-Renaissance 1840-1890 Second Renaissance Revival 1890-1920        
Revival styles- Neo-Baroque and 18th century
CBD040-sydney-commonwealth-bank.jpg (100798 bytes)
Beaux-Arts Classical Revival 1876 to 1930 NeoBaroque  and 18th century Regency / Federal /  Colonial Revival Architecture Georgian Revival Architecture Regency / Federal Revival Architecture Dutch Colonial Revival  c.1900 New England

Twentieth Century Architecture
Arts and Crafts, Edwardian architecture
Edwardian Edwardian Baroque Wrenaissance Anglo-Dutch / Flemish Revival "Pont Street Dutch" Architecture Arts and Crafts Movement 
Adirondack Architecture 1850s New York, USA National Park Service Rustic 1872–present USA German Renaissance Revival 19th-20th Century Warehouse Style Heliopolis style 1905–c.1935 Egypt  
U.S. domestic Bungalow architecture  click here for a complete list
typical four square
Bungalow California Bungalow Usonian 1936–1940s USA American Craftsman 1890s–1930 USA, California & east American Four-Square  mid. 1890s-late 1930s USA Prairie School  1900–1917 USA
Neo-Spanish architecture
Spanish Colonial Revival style 1915–1940 USA Pueblo Revival Style architecture 1898-1990s  Mission Revival Style architecture 1894-1936      
Early Modern architecture
Chicago School  New Objectivity / Rationalism (Neue Sachlichkeit) De Stijl  Sullivanesque Early Modern  
Expressionist architecture
Expressionist Architecture Amorphic Expressionist Architecture Amsterdam School 1912–1924 Netherlands Brick Expressionism Backstein-Expressionismus German Brick Art Deco Cubist architecture See also
Brutalism Deconstructivism,
Expressionist architecture- Art Deco
Art Deco  1925–1940s Europe & USA Streamline Art Moderne  1930–1937 Art Deco Byzantine-Deco Art Deco Skyscraper Gothic Stripped Classical   1900-1945 Post War Stripped Classical
Futurist architecture
Futurist architecture  (1909 Europe) Post-war Futurism Googie architecture (1950s California) Raygun Gothic Retro-futurism Futuristic Facade1960s-70s
Idiomatic 20th century architecture
Constructivist 1925–1932 USSR Postconstructivism 1930–1935 USSR Stalinist Neoclassical Architecture 1933–1955 USSR Fascist Stripped Classical (German) 1933-1944 Germany Soft Portuguese style 1940-1955 Portugal & colonies Rationalist-Fascist Architecture (Italian Fascist)
Socialist realism (art) Social Realism (architecture). Socialist Moderne / Socialist Brutalism      
Modern architecture
Bauhaus 1919–1930s Functionalist  c.1900-1930s Europe & USA Modern International Style1930–present Europe & USA New towns 1946-1968 United Kingdom  
Florida Modern or Tropical Modern 1950s Danish Functionalism 1960s Denmark Corbusian Eichler Houses    
Mid-century Modern architecture
Mid-century modern 1950s California, etc. Brutalist architecture 1950s–1970s Structuralist Architecture 1950s-1970s High-Tech Modern / Structural Expressionism 1980s-present Formalism  
    See also- Socialist Moderne / Socialist Brutalism,
Post-war Futurism, Futuristic Facade
Metabolist Movement 1959 Japan Fantasy Architecture Arcology 1970s-present      
Postmodern architecture
Postmodern architecture 1980s Deconstructivist 1982–present Memphis Group 1981-1988 Contemporary Neoclassical (1990-present) Fantastic architecture  
Early 21st century architecture
Interactive architecture 2000-present Early 21st century  Retro-Moderne Early 21st century Amorphic "Blobitecture" Early 21st century International    
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