Chronology of Architectural Styles- Twentieth Century Architecture
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Arts and Crafts, Edwardian architecture
Edwardian Edwardian Baroque Wrenaissance Anglo-Dutch / Flemish Revival "Pont Street Dutch" Architecture Arts and Crafts Movement 
Adirondack Architecture 1850s New York, USA National Park Service Rustic 1872–present USA German Renaissance Revival 19th-20th Century Warehouse Style Heliopolis style 1905–c.1935 Egypt  
U.S. domestic Bungalow architecture  click here for a complete list
typical four square
Bungalow California Bungalow Usonian 1936–1940s USA American Craftsman 1890s–1930 USA, California & east American Four-Square  mid. 1890s-late 1930s USA Prairie School  1900–1917 USA
Neo-Spanish architecture
Spanish Colonial Revival style 1915–1940 USA Pueblo Revival Style architecture 1898-1990s  Mission Revival Style architecture 1894-1936      
Early Modern architecture
Chicago School  New Objectivity / Rationalism (Neue Sachlichkeit) De Stijl  Sullivanesque Early Modern  
Expressionist architecture
Expressionist Architecture Amorphic Expressionist Architecture Amsterdam School 1912–1924 Netherlands Brick Expressionism Backstein-Expressionismus German Brick Art Deco Cubist architecture See also
Brutalism Deconstructivism,
Expressionist architecture- Art Deco
Art Deco  1925–1940s Europe & USA Streamline Art Moderne  1930–1937 Art Deco Byzantine-Deco Art Deco Skyscraper Gothic Stripped Classical   1900-1945 Post War Stripped Classical
Futurist architecture
Futurist architecture  (1909 Europe) Post-war Futurism Googie architecture (1950s California) Raygun Gothic Retro-futurism Futuristic Facade1960s-70s
Idiomatic 20th century architecture
Constructivist 1925–1932 USSR Postconstructivism 1930–1935 USSR Stalinist Neoclassical Architecture 1933–1955 USSR Fascist Stripped Classical (German) 1933-1944 Germany Soft Portuguese style 1940-1955 Portugal & colonies Rationalist-Fascist Architecture (Italian Fascist)
Socialist realism (art) Social Realism (architecture). Socialist Moderne / Socialist Brutalism      
Modern architecture
Bauhaus 1919–1930s Functionalist  c.1900-1930s Europe & USA Modern International Style1930–present Europe & USA New towns 1946-1968 United Kingdom  
Florida Modern or Tropical Modern 1950s Danish Functionalism 1960s Denmark Corbusian Eichler Houses    
Mid-century Modern architecture
Mid-century modern 1950s California, etc. Brutalist architecture 1950s–1970s Structuralist Architecture 1950s-1970s High-Tech Modern / Structural Expressionism 1980s-present Formalism  
    See also- Socialist Moderne / Socialist Brutalism,
Post-war Futurism, Futuristic Facade
Metabolist Movement 1959 Japan Fantasy Architecture Arcology 1970s-present      
Postmodern architecture
Postmodern architecture 1980s Deconstructivist 1982–present Memphis Group 1981-1988 Contemporary Neoclassical (1990-present) Fantastic architecture  
Early 21st century architecture
Interactive architecture 2000-present Early 21st century  Retro-Moderne Early 21st century Amorphic "Blobitecture" Early 21st century International