Chronology of Architectural Styles- Nineteenth Century architecture
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Nineteenth Century architecture
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Regency  Victorian Academic Classical Victorian Free Classical Gründerzeit (German late Victorian) Late Victorian Free Style Victorian Industrial
Florida cracker architecture c.1800-present Florida, USA Queenslander (architecture) 1840s–1960s Victorian Worker's Cottage Historicism City Beautiful movement 1890–1900s USA  
Orientalism Hindoo style        
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau
c. 1885–1910
Stile Liberty Jugendstil Modernisme 1888-1911 Catalonian Art Nouveau Vienna Secession 1897-c. 1905 Austrian Art Nouveau  
Queen Anne
Queen Anne Style architecture 1870–1910s England & USA American Queen Anne style Stick Style  1879-1905 New England Eastlake Style 1879-1905 New England Shingle Style    1879-1905 New England Australian Queen Anne Style
Western Stick Eastern Stick        
Revival styles- Neo-Classicism
Directoire Empire Architecture
1804-1814, 1870 revival
Egyptian Revival  architecture 1809–1820s, 1840s, 1920s Classical Revival 1900-1920    
Revival styles- Neo-Romanesque and Byzantine Revival
Richardsonian Romanesque  1880s USA NeoRomanesque / Romanesque Revival  1840–1900 USA NeoByzantine architecture 1882–1920s American Rundbogenstyl (German round-arched neo-Romanesque) Bristol Byzantine 1850-1880 Moorish Revival
Russian Revival 1826-1917, 1990s-present          
Revival styles- Gothic Revival
Built circa 1870 two semi-detached cottages at Mentmore masquerade as one Tudor style  house.
NeoGothic / Gothic Revival 1760s–1840s Carpenter Gothic  USA and Canada 1840s on Scottish Baronial Tudorbethan / Tudor Neo-Manueline 1840s-1910s Portugal & Brazil Indo-Saracenic
Gothick Picturesque Victorian High Gothic / Ruskinian Gothic Muscovite Revival Architecture      
Revival styles- Neo-Renaissance
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Italianate  (also neo-Palladian) 1802 Jacobethan 1838 Second Empire Baroque Revival  1865 and 1880 American Empire (style) 1810 Biedermeier 1815–1848 Chateauesque 
Renaissance Revival / Neo-Renaissance 1840-1890 Second Renaissance Revival 1890-1920        
Revival styles- Neo-Baroque and 18th century
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Beaux-Arts Classical Revival 1876 to 1930 NeoBaroque  and 18th century Regency / Federal /  Colonial Revival Architecture Georgian Revival Architecture Regency / Federal Revival Architecture Dutch Colonial Revival  c.1900 New England