Chronology of Architectural Styles- Mediaeval architecture
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Eastern Byzantine        
Sassanid Byzantine 527 (Sofia)-1520 Russia- Medieval Kievan Rus' (Russo-Byzantine) (988–1230) Russia- Early & Middle Muscovite periods (1230–1630) architecture    
Pre-Romanesque architecture (500-1100AD) Merovingian architecture 400s-700s France and Germany Anglo-Saxon architecture 450s-1066 England and Wales Carolingian architecture 780s-800s France and Germany Ottonian architecture 950s-1050s Germany Westwork
Façade of the Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Portugal, 2nd half of 12th century).  
Visigothic Pre-Romanesque architecture (Spain and Portugal 415-711) Asturian Pre-Romanesque architecture (Spain and Portugal 711-910) Repoblación architecture 880s-1000s Spain Norman architecture 1074-1250 Romanesque architecture 1000-1300  
German Gothic          
Gothic architecture Hanseatic Brick Gothic (Bachsteingothik) c.1350–c.1400 Sondergotik Polish Gothic architecture   Gothicmed
English Gothic          
English Gothic-  Early English Period c.1190—c.1250 English Gothic-  Decorated Period c.1290–c.1350 English Gothic-  Perpendicular Period c.1350–c.1550 Tudor and Jacobean architecture 1485–1603    
French Gothic          
Early French Gothic (1130- 13th cent.) High French Gothic
Rayonnant French Gothic (c. 1240-1350) Gothique Méridional Late French Gothic or Flamboyant style Portuguese Gothic architecture
Italian Gothic          
Italian Gothic  Early Italian Gothic (c. 1228-1290) Mature Italian Gothic (c. 1290-1385) Late Italian Gothic (c. 1385-16th cent.) Cistercian architecture Mediaeval Italian Vernacular
Spanish Gothic          
Early Spanish Gothic (12th cent.) High Spanish Gothic (13th cent.) Mudejar Gothic (13th-15th cent.) Levantino Gothic (14th cent.) Flamboyant/Late Gothic (15th cent.) Isabelline Gothic 1474-1505 (reign) Spain