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Victorian Worker's Cottage Folk Victorian 1870-1910

Galveston, Texas Galveston, Texas  
Mass production and modern shipping methods meant that nearly every location in the country had access to decorative architectural add-on features. With all the gingerbread and spindles available, some Folk Victorian houses suggest Gothic Revival or Queen Anne, but they are simple square, or rectangular designs that have extras nailed on to them, rather than the more irregular shapes of these fancier styles.

Folk Victorian houses usually have many of these features:
Square, symmetrical shapes
Brackets under the eaves
Porches with spindle work or flat, jigsaw cut trim
Some Folk Victorian homes also have these features:
Carpenter Gothic details
Low-pitched, pyramid shaped roofs
Front gables and side wings
This is a common, "vernacular" residential style that was built in working-class neighborhoods from the 1860s untill the First World War.

Mid-North Cottage

Common characteristics are:

-one-and-a-half stories, set atop a raised basement
-rectangular floor plan
-ornament restricted to around windows and beneath the roof line (cornice)
-front-facing gable roof