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Early 21st century Retro-Moderne

Altair Apartments, Sydney Skyvue, Sydney Wave Rider House – Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales 2008- Tony Owen NDM
form apartments, Zetland 2005 Turner + Associates with Bolles + Wilson & Nation Associates Loop House 2007 Tony Owen NDM Architects private house Moebius House & Tide House 2008- Tony Owen NDM Architects
A new popular retro style for the current boom. It borrows heavily from Futurist architecture, Art Deco, Streamline Art Moderne and Postconstructivism, and it is influenced by the early 20th century Dutch architecture of De Stijl  (for example, Mondrian art and the Rietfeld House).
When done well, and in its earlier proponents, it was very exciting. It has been abused in a number of cases, needless to say.
It is characterised by the use of flat and folding planes, light grey, charcoal grey and bright white.