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High French Gothic

Amiens Cathedral Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris
Bourges Cathedral The main body of Chartres Cathedral (1194-1260)  
This style from the 13th century canonized proportions and shapes from early Gothic and developed them further in order to achieve light yet tall majestic structures. The wall structure was modified from 4 tiers to only 3 tiers - arcade, triforium and clerestorey. Piers coronations made smaller in order not to stop the visual thrust upwards. The clerestorey windows were changed from one window in each segment, holed in the wall, to two windows united by a small rose window. The rib vault changed from 6 ribs to 4 ribs. The flying buttresses became mature and after they were embraced at Notre-Dame de Paris and Notre-Dame de Chartres they became the canonical way to support high walls as they served both structural and ornemental purposes.