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Early French Gothic (1130- 13th cent.)

The East end of the Abbey Church of St Denis The West facade of Chartres Cathedral Notre-Dame of Laon
Nave in four tiers, with clerestories and triforium under sexpartite vaulting Notre Dame de Paris Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris (started 1163) Sens Cathedral Lyon Cathedral
This style began in 1140 and was characterized by the adoption of the pointed arch and transition from late Romanesque architecture. In order to heighten the wall, it was divided into 4 tiers: arcade (arches and piers), gallery, triforium and clerestorey. In order to support the higher wall the flying buttresses were invented, though they reached maturity only at High Gothic during the 13th century. The vault (architecture)s were 6 ribbed Sexpartite vaults.