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Contemporary Neoclassical  (1990-present)

Neoclassical architecture    
Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN, 2003. David N. Schwarz Nashville Public Library, Nashville, TN, 2001. Robert AM Stern. Jacksonville Public Library, Jacksonville,  FL, 2003. Robert AM Stern.
The Maitland Robinson Library at Downing College, designed by Quinlan Terry. 2003.    
Neoclassicism today

In some rare cases buildings in the United States, such as the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, are still being built in neoclassical style today.

In Britain a number of architects are active in the neoclassical style. Two new university Libraries, Quinlan Terry's Maitland Robinson Library at Downing College and Robert Adam Architects' Sackler Library illustrate that the approach taken can range from the traditional, in the former case, to the unconventional, in the latter case. The majority of new neoclassical buildings in Britain are private houses. Firms like Francis Johnson & Partners specialise in new country houses.

Neoclassical architecture is usually now classed under the umbrella term of "traditional architecture" and is practised by a number of members of the Traditional Architecture Group.