Essential Architecture-  Seville

Plaza de Espana




Maria Luisa Park




Spanish NeoClassical




Exhibition hall

The Planet Naboo by any other name, ...
When the "Lucas movie team" were looking for a place that reflected the 'Royal planet of Naboo', they visited a number of sites around the world but as soon as they saw the monumental architecture of the "Plaza de Espana" they didn't have to look any further..

In 1929 Seville hosted the Spanish-American Exhibition. A number of buildings were built for the exhibition in the Maria Luisa Park; on the parks edge was built the current Plaza de Espana, which, at the time, showcased Spain's industry and technology exhibits.

If you check out the 2nd "Star Wars" Episode (Attack of the Clones), you can watch the young Anakin and Padmeyou walking over the above bridge and along the coradors of Plaza de Espana buildings.

Plaza de Expana and Maria Luisa Park

The Plaza is a massive ½ circle; the building runs continually along the outside of the ½ circle while a large fountain is located in the center. One can easily spend several minutes here just walking around the courtyard.

The buildings now contain government offices.


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