Essential Architecture-  Granada

Palacios Nazaries / Casas Reales


Ismail I, Yusuf I and Muhammad V




1312 to1391 AD






 Granada the Alhambra, Palacios Nazaries/Casas Reales

The Palaces of the Nazaries were constructed by Ismail I, Yusuf I and Muhammad V (1312 to1391 AD) during the Nasrid dynasty.
Many people report visiting the Alhambra to be one of the highlights of their visit to Spain. The Palacios Nazaries must be considered the highlight of a visit to the Alhambra. Here you get to see one of the few Moorish Palaces still existing in Spain.

Hall of the Mexuar: This is one of the first rooms encountered in the Palace, it is also the most perplexing. The room feels to be a hodgepodge of structures with no clear purpose to the design. Considered one of the oldest areas in the Palace it has been remodelled a number of times.

The Patio del Mexuar:
Here the Sultan would receive petitions from his subjects and meet with his ministers.

The Patio del Mexuar

Few visitors to the Sultan (14th century) would have seen anything more of the Palace than this courtyard of the Mexuar.

Patio de los Leones:
The patio was constructed by Muhammad the 5th.
Under the Sultan's, this area was the center of the family life inside the Palace.

Court of the Myrtles
The throne room is located here.


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