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Galeries Lafayette


Georges Chedanne and then his pupil Ferdinand Chanut


at the corner of rue La Fayette and the Chaussée d'Antin, Paris




A glass and steel dome, and Art Nouveau staircases


masonry and steel


  Detail of the dome and balconies from the ground floor
Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette is a French department store company.


In 1893 Théophile Bader and his cousin Alphonse Kahn opened a fashion store in a small haberdasher's shop at the corner of rue La Fayette and the Chaussée d'Antin, Paris. In 1896, the company purchased the entire building at n°1 rue La Fayette and in 1905 the buildings at n°38, 40 et 42, boulevard Haussmann and n°15 rue de la Chaussée d'Antin.

Théophile Bader commissioned Georges Chedanne and then his pupil Ferdinand Chanut to design the layout of the Haussmann location. A glass and steel dome, and Art Nouveau staircases were built in 1912.

Paris flagship store
The flagship store of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, is a 10-stories department store. It is located at 40, boulevard Haussmann, in the IXe arrondissement.

[[Stations Paris metro: Chausee d'Antin La Fayette Havre-Caumartin Opéra Madeleine Saint-Saint Lazare and RER - Auber

Berlin store
The Berlin, Germany, store was designed by Jean Nouvel and constructed between 1991 and 1995. It opened in 1996.

New York store
A Lafayette location opened in Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, but it was unsuccessful and went out of business.

Galeries Lafayette apologizes to Chinese tourists
French department store Galeries Lafayette on February 22, 2008 made an apology to two Chinese tourists who have been treated insultingly while shopping in Lafayette.

The French high-end retail group held a meeting on Friday morning to make a formal apology to the Chinese couple who came from east Chinas Zhejiang Province.

"We officially and sincerely apologize for the Chinese young couple, the other tour members and all the Chinese people who are hurt in this incident," said Paul Delaoutre, President of Galeries Lafayette.

The couple had been accused of using forged notes while paying at the cashier on Feb. 11.

The couple were taken to the police office where they were questioned and searched insultingly.

After a bank expert identified that the note was not fake, the couple returned to the cashier who once again refused the note by insisting to claim it as counterfeit.

On Tuesday, Delaoutre said he sent to the Chinese couple a letter in which he made apology and offered them a new Paris tour.

The president said Chinese tourists are the biggest-spending foreign consumers in Lafayette, promising his department store would take all the necessary measures to avoid such kind of incidents in the future.

As of 2006:

Employees : 12,022
Number of stores : 63, including 10 affiliated outlets
Net sales : €1,621.7 million


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