Essential Architecture-  London

Offices, Finsbury Avenue


Arup Associates


1 Finsbury Avenue


1982 to 1984


High-Tech Modern


exterior metal framework


Office Building
"At Broadgate, No 1 Finsbury Avenue set the aesthetic standard, almost single-handedly, for a new breed of speculative office buildings. Its elegant, open, well-lit atrium brought an unusual element in speculative offices but provided the building with, as it were, an internal series of façades. Offices were grouped around the internal glazed courtyard, the steel and glass roof over which brought daylight to all these users. High ceilings in these offices were also an unusual and welcome feature and were a direct response to the new requirements of raised floors for the highly sophisticated and complicated services required by the new technology. Suspended ceilings contain the ductwork for the lighting and air conditioning. The dark metallic appearance of the exterior of the building with its sunbreakers and diagonal rods provides a telling contrast to the well-lit and light appearance of the interior. The façades have been landscaped with trees and shrubs in a careful and well thought out manner."

— Dennis Sharp. Twentieth Century Architecture: a Visual History. p381.