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Historical architecture

Berlin is not an imperial or world city in the manner of London or Paris. It subsequently lacks the grand institutions that go with such identity. It is, however, a city that embodies many cultural and historic movements architecturally, showing off its huge intellectual legacy to the world (something the aforementionnned cities could only dream about...)....
Frankfort AM
The three pillar industries of Frankfurt are finance, exhitibions and transport; it is the transport hub of Germany. Frankfurt has been Germany's financial capital for centuries. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is Germany's largest, the site of 85% of Germany's turnover in stocks, and one of the world's biggest. Frankfurt is also the home of the European Central Bank and the German Bundesbank. Many large trade fairs also call Frankfurt home.
The ancient harbour town, a centre of international trade since the Middle Ages and the “Queen of the Hanseatic League“, has been on UNESCO’s List of World Cultural Heritage Sites since 1987.
The old Hanseatic city of Lüneburg with more than 1300 national monuments yearly attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Die Giebel und Gassen, das Rathaus, der alte Hafen, die Hauptkirchen St. Johannis, St. Michaelis und St. Nikolai und die Patrizierhäuser sind uns allen vertraut.

Top Ten

Top ten Berlin architecture
The city has no definite centre and pockets of attractions are dotted all over. The densest array of sights lies to the east of the Brandenburg Gate, on either side of Unter den Linden.
Image:98-animate.gif Top Ten Nazi Architecture
The Nazi revolution in Germany needed architecture to bequeath a new image to history, and to offer contemporary society a strong rallying point. The Classical, monumental style replaced the modern style.

Contemporary architecture


Special Features

Germany 1929 gallery.
The old Germany lost forever.
German Synagogues
Although Cologne is home to the oldest known Jewish community north of the Alps, dating to over 300 years A.D., all that remains of medieval Cologne Judaism is the Mikve next to the Cologne Rathaus.
Synagogues destroyed
The Nazi persecution of the Jews culminated in the Holocaust, in which approximately 6 million European Jews were deported and murdered during the Second World War.

This month's featured building

  Mossehaus 1922 Erich Mendelsohn Schutzenstrasse 18-25 Berlin-Mitte

Since the period of the Berliner Tageblatt building, Mendelsohn had developed a strong association with the editor Rudolf Mosse, who appreciated not only Mendelsohn’s creative abilities, but also his intellectual acuity and literary versatility. This heating plant is another inspired work, using vertical panels of white brickwork, articulated and partly separated by metal uprights and beams. The disparity in height between the two blocks is emphasized by the curved profile, which avoids a mere confrontation between rectangular volumes. On both sides, the low windows of the upper floor create ventilation. The window of the main facade cuts across the entire building, while that on the side facade occupies two areas and is connected to a door. This precise work demonstrates that Mendelsohn’s skill did not depend solely upon a violently plastic form of expression.


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