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Ordensburg Sonthofen


Hermann Giesler


Bavaria, Germany.




Fascist Stripped Classical (German)




barracks of the armed forces of Germany

The Generaloberst-Beck-Kaserne are barracks of the armed forces of Germany, the Bundeswehr, in Sonthofen in Oberallgäu.

The estate was built in 1934 as NS-Ordensburg Sonthofen by the German Labour Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) for the NSDAP.

Three NS-Ordensburgen existed:

Ordensburg Krössinsee, in Pomerania
Ordensburg Sonthofen, Allgäu
Ordensburg Vogelsang, Eifel
It was planned by architect Hermann Giesler. It served as Adolf-Hitler-School for the education of party cadres. In the last year of the war it was used as sickbay.

Commander of the Ordensburg was the Reichstag debuty Robert Bauer (NSDAP) from 1936 to 1941.

After the war at first French troops acquired the Castle. Later the US Army created a the central educational place of the task force US-Constabulary there.

In 1956 the Castle was acquired by the Bundeswehr and was named after the member of resistance and former chief of the general staff of the army General Ludwig Beck.

Actual use
The Generaloberst-Beck-Kaserne hosts schools of the Bundeswehr (Military Police (Feldjäger) and Staff Service). At the moment a civil usage of the Castle is in discussion because the Bundeswehr wants to replace their schools to other locations. The Castle is landmarked.

The barracks are part of a big tunnel system.

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