Essential Architecture-  Hanseatic city of Anklam

Stone Gate




Anklam, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany


13th century


Hanseatic Brick Gothic




Town wall gatehouse.

The Stone Gate is a 32 metre-high building and is one of four gates to the medieval stronghold from the 13th century. It is depicted in the town’s coat of arms and is a magnificent example of a gothic brick historical building. At the time when the town was being established the gate was made of wood. The gate was rebuilt and remodelled several times until it took its present appearance – the various stages are apparent in the different colours of the stones in the construction material and ornamental parts. The gate was originally only half the present height and the vault over the present clearance had a regular round shape. After firearms had been introduced, the fortifications were strengthened in 1634 and a wooden passage with shooting holes in the tower’s upper part was built (you may see holes and carvings for possible future wooden constructions in the wall). The additional level was built at the height of 32 metres. Further rebuilding and strengthening work took place in 1634. The gate was demolished in 1759 together with fortifications and the pre-gate part. Its significance for defence purposes was gone. Instead the gate was transformed into a city prison with four cells linked by a chimney which enabled heating. The Stone Gate’s courtyard was made into a prison patio. Here executions took place until 1853. The gate served as a prison until 1900. Later it was close to collapse as it was out of use for many years. The first protection work started in 1936. A huge renovation project aimed at stabilisation of the building was initiated in 1986. After just three years its architectural beauty and historical-cultural significance were restored. Since 1989 the gate has hosted the Regional Museum with many exhibitions on the town’s Hanseatic history. You may enter the gate after first passing the former guard’s house. If you manage to climb 111 stairs in the tower you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the town and the Peene marshlands. The Stone Gate is one of the most beautiful brick gates in northern Germany.

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