Essential Architecture-  Hanseatic city of Anklam

Giebelhaus in Gothic Style




Anklam, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany


c. 1400


Hanseatic Brick Gothic





Giebelhaus in gothic style is situated at the corner of Frauenstraße and Mägdestraße on the Horse Market (Pferdemarkt). Giebelhaus was mentioned for the first time in 1406. It is one of the most beautiful buildings and also one of the oldest townhouses in the city. In order to save space, the gable wall used to be built facing the street or the market. Giebelhaus’s gable wall now faces Mägdestraße and Pferdemarkt. The ornamented façade in gothic style which may be admired in other gothic churches is clear evidence of the wealth of the town and its citizens. The magnificent stair-like top has been well preserved. In the old days in buildings the upper part behind the gable wall was the place for a granary. The owners of the Gothic Giebelhaus were:
- 1406 textile merchant Georginus de Ghlin
- 1437 tailor Jakob Langschwager
- 1471 city councillor
- 1681 ship owner Benjamin Scheele
Benjamin Scheele’s grandson, Carl Wilhelm Scheele (1742 - 1786), was a famous chemist, the discoverer of oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen and manganese. Modernisation of the Giebelhaus was finished in 1997. Since then the building has housed the Registrar Office, the City Council Hall and offices of the political parties represented in the City Council.

Hansestadt Anklam
Markt 3
17389 Anklam

Opening hours:
the bulding is included in city tours, there are no regular opening hours since the bulding
contains the registry office, conference rooms and plenary rooms of the city council


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