Essential Architecture-  Hanseatic city of Anklam

St. Nicolas Church




Anklam, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany


c. 1300


Hanseatic Brick Gothic





The construction of the church for Saint Nicolas, patron of sailors, fishermen and merchants, was started around 1280, while Anklam was first mentioned in written documents in 1300. The church tower is clearly visible from far away and helped in navigation. The church is Anklam’s symbol, as well as a symbol for freedom and wealth of the Hanseatic citizens. In 1336 one of Anklamer’s citizens, Thedericus Nordow, financed an altar. The construction of the church must have been completed around 1500, after the ornamented choir benches had been installed. Lorenz Bole completed extensive construction work in 1568. When lightening hit the tower in 1574 it was damaged. Subsequent damage occurred during a storm in 1586, so the roof was covered with copper plates. In 1606 the decorated benches for coopers and other guild members were installed and between 1696 and 1700 all the construction and repair work was finished. In 1733 the storm destroyed the tower top, which had already become crooked in 1703. After further storm damage the church was equipped with a lightening conductor in 1802. From December 1806, the church was used by the French army as a saddle workshop. On 10 January 1807 new Buchholtz/Berlin organs were consecrated. In 1816 the church was again set on fire after lightning strike and the tower top was reconstructed in 1817. In 1850 Kaltschmidt, an organ builder from Stettin, constructed new organs in the newly installed organ choir in line with the drawings of the royal construction master, Märtens. Bishop D. Ritschl consecrated the organs in 1851. After one-storey chapels had been removed in 1868, the construction inspector, Butterkirch, performed construction changes in the organ gallery. The church was then equipped with vault ribbing for the windows and cornice as well as ornamented benches. In 1906 the church received colourful stained-glass windows in the choir area, new organs and ornamented benches, and the walls were painted. The renovated church was re-consecrated on 23 April 1909. The church was severely damaged again during the Second World War to the extent of serious risk of total collapse. In 1994 the Church Association was established, an organisation which supported its reconstruction. In 1995 the church was covered with a temporary roof, which was the first step to return it full use. The church was made available to visitors first in 1999.

Hansestadt Anklam
Markt 3
17389 Anklam

Opening hours:
May-Sept. 10.00 - 18.00 h

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