Essential Architecture-  Hanseatic city of Stralsund

City hall




Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, north-eastern Germany.




Hanseatic Brick Gothic




City Hall
  The Town Hall with the St. Nikolai Church behind.
Alter Markt, 18439 Stralsund
Phone: 03831 – 252 - 110

the building:
Together with St. Nicolas’ Church, the City Hall forms one of the most impressive urban ensembles in North Germany. Building work probably began shortly after 1310. By 1350 the building was largely completed. The cellar is one of the biggest vaulted cellar complexes in the Hanseatic region. The ground floor used to accommodate 40 shops accessible from the exterior. In the mid-15th century the vault was ceiled and the space put to different uses. On the north side was the council chamber, now referred to as the Löwen Hall, where the Peace of Stralsund was signed in 1370. The upper floors served as storage space, and the roof space under the ridged roofs as storage lofts. Seven hundred years have left their trace, most notably the gallery added in 1720 and the 1743 Baroque portal on Ossenreverstraße. City master builder Ernst von Haselberg restored the magnificent principal façade in the Gothic style in 1881/82, replacing the Baroque stuccowork.
The coats-of-arms of german Hanseatic cities recall the high period of the Hanseatic League. Rehabilitation and restoration work has been ongoing since the 1980s.


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