Essential Architecture-  Hanseatic city of Rostock

St. Mary’s Church Rostock




Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, north-eastern Germany


13th century


Hanseatic Brick Gothic




Am Ziegenmarkt 4
18055 Rostock
Tel.: 0381 492 33 96 u. 0381 45 33 25
Fax: 0381 - 4 97 38 51

opening hours:
10-16h , Sun 11.15-12h

Entrance fees:

the building:
The main parish church of the town, built in different construction stages since the 13th century, can compete in size and sheer impressiveness with the large parish churches of Lübeck and Wismar.
St. Mary’s Church is a huge brick basilica with a transept and side aisles. The central nave is considerably higher than the side aisles which have chapels attached to them on the their Northern and Southern sides. The ambulatory choir is ringed by a gallery of side chapels. The conspicuously lively colour of the exterior is produced by alternating courses of yellow and green glazed bricks. The Western front of the building is dominated by a monumental twin tower complex which was integrated into a single structure. The rich interior decoration includes an astronomical clock with a procession of the Apostles (daily at 12:00 noon), completed in 1472, the bronze baptismal font made by Rostock artisans in 1290 and a late Gothic triptych, the so-called Rochus altar. The main altar from 1721, the pulpit from 1574 and two galleries from the 18th century in the Western part of the church also deserve (and reward) closer attention.


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