Essential Architecture-  Hanseatic city of Lübeck

Hospital of the Holy Spirit, Lübeck Heiligen-Geist-Hospitals




Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany


one of the oldest social institutions of Lübeck (1260)


Hanseatic Brick Gothic




As Bertram Morneweg from Riga, where he was driven trading should have returned to Lübeck, he was (among other wealthy merchants), one of the co-founder and head of the Holy Spirit Hospital, which he for the best of the sick and poor in the style of the brick Gothic built. The Hospital were (and still are) in and around Luebeck around many lands, which were sufficient for the poor and health care and other entities. The residents were subjected to a klosterähnlichen rule, but they got food and drink, since 17 Century eight times during a warm bath.

During the Reformation period, the hospital in a "secular" old people's home converted, which remained until today. Initially focused on the beds in the hospital residents (there was in Luebeck in the 18th century none, so served the first and second floor will continue as such) in the hall, 1820, the four square metre wooden chambers built strictly separated by gender. There was also a small library and pharmacy. At the doors of the chambers can still name and number of the former inhabitants.

Up to 1970 the chambers were still inhabited.