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Aachen Cathedral
Location Aachen, Germany
Date 792 to 805
Style Romanesque
Notes A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also known as Aix-la-Chapelle Cathedral. Similar to S. Vitale.
Verkehrsverein Bad Aachen
Monheimsallee 52
52062 Aachen, GERMANY
Tel: +49 241/18029-60 + 61
Fax: +49 241/1802930

Abteiburg Museum
Architect Hans Hollein
Location Monchen-Gladbach, Germany map
Date 1972 to 1982
Building Type art museum
Construction System mixed stone cladding, brick, metal
Style Modern or Post-Modern
Notes Several variously designed bodies collected on a loose plinth.

Architect Walter Gropius
Location Dessau, Germany map
Date 1919 to 1925
Building Type Art and architecture school
Construction System and glass
Style Modern exemplar
Notes Transparent walls, asymmetrical massing

Breslau Office Building
Architect Hans Poelzig
Location Breslau, Germany - now Wroclaw, Poland map
Date 1911 to 1912
Building Type mixed commercial offices and retail
Style Early Modern
Notes frame expression creating strong horizontal facades, rounded corner.

Architect unknown
Location Rudesheim, Germany
Date 1000 to 1050
Building Type castle, fortress
Style Medieval
Notes "Brömserburg / Niederburg". "Fortress near Rudesheim". Example of spatial clustering. Now houses the Rheingau wine museum.

Dusseldorf Museum of Art
Architect James Stirling
Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Date 1980
Building Type art museum
Style Post-Modern
Notes "Museum for Northrhine Westphalia". Competition project.

Einstein Tower
Architect Erich Mendelsohn
Location near Potsdam, Germany map
Date 1919 to 1921
Building Type laboratory, observatory
Construction System bearing masonry, concrete over brick
Style Expressionist Early Modern
Notes Curvaceous, streamlined form.


Fagus Works
Architect Walter Gropius
Location Alfeld an der Leine, Germany map
Date 1911 to 1913
Building Type factory
Construction System steel, brick masonry, glass
Style Early Modern
Notes with Adolf Meyer. An influential rejection of ornament in the cause of functionalism.

Freising Library
Architect unknown
Location Freising, Oberbayern, Germany
Date 1732 to 1738
Building Type library
Construction System bearing masonry
Style Baroque
Notes deep windows in book-lined walls, reading stands.

H. Lange House
Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Location Krefeld, Germany
Date 1928
Building Type house
Construction System brick bearing, steel spanning
Style Modern
Notes planar walls, strip windows, free cuboid composition.

House at Weissenhof
Architect Le Corbusier
Location Stuttgart, Germany map
Date 1927
Building Type house
Construction System stucco over brick
Style Modern
Notes Block massing articulated with horizontal window strip.

Hysolar Research Building
Architect Gunter Behnisch
Location Stuttgart, Germany map
Date 1986 to 1987
Building Type experimental research center
Construction System stainless steel, glass
Context open field on campus
Style High-Tech Modern
Notes at Stuttgart Technical University. purposefully chaotic, improvisational, anti-orthogonal arrangement.

Library at Wiblingen
Architect Christian Wiedermann
Location Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany
Date 1744
Building Type library
Climate mild temperate
Style baroque monastic
Notes book-lined walls

Neue Staatsgalerie
Architect James Stirling
Location Stuttgart, Germany map
Date 1977 to 1983
Building Type art museum
Construction System stone cladding
Style Post-Modern
Notes with Michael Wilford. Complex, unusual forms, undulating walls, etc.

Porta Nigra
Architect unknown
Location Trier, Germany
Building Type fortified gate
Construction System cut stone bearing masonry
Climate mediterranean
Style Ancient Roman

Schminke House
Architect Hans Scharoun
Location Lobau, Germany
Date 1933
Building Type house
Construction System steel frame
Style Modern
Notes Projecting balconies softened by rounded tips.

Schocken Department Store
Architect Erich Mendelsohn
Location Stuttgart, Germany
Date 1926
Building Type commercial retail
Construction System concrete, brick
Style Modern
Notes site-determined irregular plan. exemplary development of building corner

The Palatine Chapel
Architect unknown
Location Aachen, Germany
Date 796 to 814
Building Type church
Construction System cut stone masonry
Style Early Christian, Byzantine
Notes Centralized plan, polychromatic arches. Built for Charlemagne.

Architect Johann Balthasar Neumann
Location near Bamberg, Germany
Date 1743 to 1772
Building Type church
Construction System masonry, cut stone
Style Late Baroque or Rococo
Notes Daylight renders the lush, deeply sculpted interior.

Vitra Design Museum
Architect Frank Gehry
Location Weil-am-Rhein, Germany map
Date 1990
Building Type museum
Construction System metal roofs
Context suburban ?
Style Expressionist Modern
Notes Abstract assemblage of cuboid and curvaceous forms.

Weissenhof Apartments
Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Location Stuttgart, Germany map
Date 1927
Building Type apartment housing
Construction System stucco exterior
Context suburban
Style Modern
Notes Prototype low-cost apartments in the International Style

Weissenhof Row Houses
Architect J. J. P. Oud
Location Stuttgart, Germany
Date 1927
Building Type row houses
Construction System stucco exterior
Context suburban
Style Modern
Notes simple Modern style two-story units with gardens behind

Werkbund Theater
Architect Henry van de Velde
Location Cologne, Germany
Date 1914
Building Type theater
Construction System concrete frame
Style Art Nouveau, Modern


Peter Behrens
Hans Hollein
Walter Gropius
Hans Scharoun
Hans Poelzig
James Stirling
Erich Mendelsohn
Alvar Aalto
Gunter Behnisch
Christian Wiedermann
Dominikus Bohm
Richard Meier
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Gottfried Bohm
Manfred Lehmbruck
Johann Balthasar Neumann
Frank Gehry
J. J. P. Oud
Henry van de Velde
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