Essential Architecture-  Berlin

Das Rotes Rathaus


Hermann Friedrich Wäsemann


on Rathausstrasse in the borough of Mitte, east Berlin




north Italian Rennaisance with touches of Rundbogenstil


 red clinker bricks


The Red Town Hall (German: Rotes Rathaus) on Rathausstrasse in the borough of Mitte, is the town hall of Berlin. It is the home to the governing mayor and the government of the state of Berlin. The name of the landmark building dates from the facade design with red clinker bricks .

The town hall was built between 1861 and 1869 in the style of the north Italian High Renaissance by Hermann Friedrich Wäsemann. The architecture of the tower is reminiscent of the cathedral's tower of Laon in France. It replaced more, partial buildings dating from the Middle Ages by a whole street block.

The building was heavily damaged by Allied bombing in World War II. After its reconstruction during the 1950s to the original plans it served as the town hall of East Berlin, while the Rathaus Schöneberg was domicile of the West Berlin Senate. After German reunification the unified administration of Berlin officially moved back in 1991.