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Historical architecture

London is not characterised by any particular architectural style, having accumulated its buildings over a long period of time. Few structures predate the Great Fire of 1666, notable exceptions including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Banqueting House and several scattered Tudor survivors in the City.
Paris' modern architecture is rather poor: the ugly Tour Montparnasse, the uglier still "front de Seine", the sinister high rise buildings erected under Georges Pompidou, the Defense neighborhood, across the Seine, in Puteaux, the devastated 13th arrondissement which became the big Chinatown when immigrants from Asian countries started coming to France and found cheap rents there. The city's jewels are small and often hidden (without counting those from the early history of the city): Portzamparc's Cité de la Musique or its Café Beaubourg; the renovation of the Louvre, Yohji Yamamoto's showroom, the Lecorbusier's foundation.
Amsterdam is one of Europe’s treasure troves for lovers of architecture. Amsterdam is also of international importance in terms of modern design. High time you enjoyed these aspects of the city. On this website you can take a peek at the most beautiful architecture highlights of Amsterdam.
The architecture of Ireland is one of the most visible features in the Irish countryside - with remains from all eras since the stone age abounding. Ireland is famous for its ruined and intact Norman and Anglo-Irish castles, small whitewashed thatched cottages and Georgian urban buildings.
In the first third of the 20th century, German architecture was highly acclaimed throughout the world. The Bauhaus movement and its philosophies of "Neue Sachlichkeit" ("New Objectivity") and functionalism pioneered new trends in archiecture and design.
Most of our knowledge of Greek architecture comes from the few surviving buildings of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods (since Roman architecture heavily copied Greek), and from late written sources such as Vitruvius (1st century AD). This means that there is a strong bias towards temples, the only buildings which survive in any number.

Contemporary architecture


Special Features

Top Ten Rome Architecture
The glories of Ancient Rome are easily accessible to the visitor and some can be seen for free while others are part of Rome Passes and Cards. Most ancient sites are in Rome's historic center so you can visit several places in one day. Even if you don't have time to take an in-depth look, just walking by some of these places is incredible and gives you an overview of ancient Rome's history. During the 1990's many of these sites were renovated and updated, making them more user- friendly.
Top Ten Italian Architecture
Italy is one of the most popular destinations on the tourist trail, known for its exsquisite fashion, historical buildings and it's fabulous food.
What does Italy hold for the visitor that will make it a memorable once in a lifetime destination, try our ten top places.
top ten london
London has so many great places to see it's hard to know which are the true 'must sees'. It's always good to get recommendations from friends who have visited London recently, so here are my top ten tourist attractions in London.

This month's featured building

  Beurs van Berlage 1897 to 1909 Hendrik Petrus Berlage on the Damrak, in the center of Amsterdam

It was designed as a commodity exchange by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage and constructed between 1896 and 1903. It influenced many modernist architects, in particular functionalists and the Amsterdam School. It is now used as a conference venue.

The building is constructed of red brick, with an iron and glass roof and stone piers, lintels and corbels. Its entrance is under a large clock tower, while inside lie three large multi-story halls formerly used as trading floors, with offices and communal facilities grouped around them.


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