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The Gare Saint-Lazare

Gare Saint Lazare
108, Rue Saint-Lazare; 8th Arrondissement 

Chronologically the first Parisian railway station, it was first built (1837) a little further to the North, next to the Place d'Europe. Its main line was its link from Paris to Saint-Germain-en-Laye. 
Rebuilt by Alfred Armand between 1841-1843, it was later extended by Eugène Flachat (1851-1853), notably through the addition of five metal structure covered halls, the largest having a span of 40 meters. Trains leaving here will take one to Normandy and to Great Britain, via Dieppe. 

The present building (Juste Lisch, 1885-1889) surrounds the older structures and presents a XVIIth century Beaux-Arts style façade. A hotel -Terminus - is the first important example of an association between these two functions and, it was built to accommodate travellers coming to the Universal Exhibition of 1889. 

The station was immortalized by Claude Monet in 1877 with his painting of the same name. In 1985, two works by Arman were added to La Cour du Havre and La Cour de Rome : L'Heure de tous (Everybody's Time) and Consigne à vie (Checked Luggage for a Lifetime) respectively. 

ADDRESS: 108 rue Saint-Lazare. 
NEIGHBORHOOD: Montmartre. 
MÉTRO: Gare Saint-Lazare.