beijing 2008 olympics architecture "the Olympic Green"
The Olympic Green is an Olympic Park in Beijing, China that has been built for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
001- Beijing National Stadium 002- Beijing National Aquatics Centre 003- Beijing National Indoor Stadium
004- Olympic Green Convention Centre 005- Olympic Green Hockey Field 006- Olympic Green Archery Field
007- Olympic Green Tennis Centre 008- Olympic Village  

The Olympics are less than one year away and construction on Beijing’s Olympic Green and Forest Park is stepping into high gear. The Olympic Green, a massive 1,135 hectares along the historic north-south central axis of Beijing, will be the heart of the Olympic games and the site of thirteen venues, including the stunning Olympic Stadium and National Swim Center. U.S. design firm Sasaki has emphasized sustainability and post-Olympic use in their design—a problem many hosting cities find themselves faced with once the events are over.

“As important as the Olympic games are, the legacy is after the games,” says Dennis Pieprz, president of Sasaki Associates.
Sasaki’s Olympic Green has focused on Beijing’s long-term development and the facilities, including the 680 hectares of park, will be integrated into day-to-day life for use by Beijing residents and tourists post-games. The 360,000 square meters of apartment living in the Olympic Village will also be sold as commercial housing after the Games.
The balance of East with West, the ancient with the contemporary, development with nature, and park with city were all part of Sasaki’s plan. Earlier this year, two modest temples on either end of the Olympic Green were salvaged after years of neglect as part of a promise made when bidding for the Olympics that Beijing would foster historic preservation in the ancient capital. The Niang Niang Temple, a 500-year-old temple built during the Ming Dynasty and dedicated to a fertility goddess is located near the Olympic Stadium while the 350-year-old Dragon King Temple stands to the north near the Olympic Village.

Niang Niang Temple with the Olympic “Bird’s Nest” Stadium in the Background

Dragon King Temple

2008 Summer Olympic venues

New Competition Venues
Venue # Venue Sports Capacity
1 Beijing National Stadium Athletics, Football 91,000
2 Beijing National Aquatics Centre Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, and Synchronized Swimming 17,000
3 Beijing National Indoor Stadium Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines, Handball 19,000
4 Beijing Shooting Range Hall Qualifications and finals 10-, 25-, and 50-meter range shooting events 9,000
5 Wukesong Indoor Stadium Basketball 18,000
6 Laoshan Velodrome Cycling (track) 6,000
7 Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park Rowing, Canoe/Kayak (flat-water racing and Slalom Racing) 37,000
8 China Agricultural University Gymnasium Wrestling 8,000
9 Peking University Gymnasium Table tennis 8,000
10 Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium Judo and Taekwondo 8,024
11 Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics 7,500

Existing Competition Venues
12. Olympic Sports Centre - Football, Modern Pentathlon (running and equestrian)
13. Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium - Handball
14. Workers Stadium - Football
15. Workers Indoor Arena - Boxing
16. Capital Indoor Stadium - Volleyball
17. Fengtai Softball Field - Softball
18. Ying Tung Natatorium - Water Polo, Modern Pentathlon (swimming)
19. Laoshan Mountain Bike Course - Cycling (Mountain Bike)
20. Beijing Shooting Range Clay Target Field - Shooting
21. Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium - Volleyball
22. Beihang University Gymnasium - Weightlifting

Temporary Competition Venues
23. Olympic Green Convention Centre - Fencing preliminaries and finals, and Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting)
24. Olympic Green Hockey Field - Hockey
25. Olympic Green Archery Field - Archery
26. Olympic Green Tennis Centre - Tennis
27. Wukesong Baseball Field - Baseball
28. Beach Volleyball Ground - Beach volleyball
29. BMX Field - Cycling (BMX)
30. Triathlon Venue - Triathlon
31. Urban Road Cycling Course - Cycling (road race)

Competition venues outside Beijing
32. Qingdao International Sailing Centre - Sailing
33. Shanghai Stadium - Football Preliminary
34. Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Centre Stadium - Football Preliminary
35. Hong Kong Equestrian Venues - Equestrian
36. Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium - Football Preliminary
37. Shenyang Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, Shenyang - Football Preliminary    the architecture you must see