Chinese Architecture- Guangzhou (Canton)

Guangdong Olympic Stadium


Ellerbe Becket


Guangzhou, China




Postmodern (designed Guangdong Olympic Stadium's sunscreen roof to resemble layers of petals on a flower).




  The Guangdong Olympic Stadium in Guangzou, China by Ellerbe Becket. View of the northwest end, with the hotel entrance on the right.
Photo: Xiao Min Au
The Guangdong Olympic Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. Currently used mostly for soccer matches, the stadium was built in 2001. It has a capacity of 80,012 with multi-colored seats, positioned in multiple sections, and are connected via a ribbon pattern.

The Guangdong Olympic Stadium was opened to the public for the ninth National Games of the People's Republic of China in 2001. It was originally planned to help host the 2008 Summer Olympics until a decision was made to construct the National Stadium in Beijing. The original design for the Guangdong Olympic Stadium was announced in 1999. Taking Guangzhou's nickname, the Flower City, the American architectural firm of Ellerbe Becket designed Guangdong Olympic Stadium's sunscreen roof to resemble layers of petals on a flower. The design firm stated in its press release: "The stadium bowl grows out of the ground to a sculpted upper edge, like the petals of a flower. Floating above the bowl is a shimmering ribbon of roof flowing like a wave over the seats. It parts at the ends and holds the Olympic flame, suspended between the two ribbons. A hotel surrounds a circular opening in the roof that forms a vertical tower of light, which at night is visible for a great distance. The roof form undulates, making it different from any other stadium in China or the world."
China's Banner Stadium

by Brian Libby

In the last decade, the world has seen an unprecedented boom in the construction of sports stadiums. Among the new ones is the Guangdong Olympic Stadium in Guangzou, China, which will help host the 2008 Olympic Summer Games.

Like much of the new stadium architecture, the Guangdong Stadium strives for innovation. After designing numerous sports venues around the world, including Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, the Kansas City, Missouri office of Ellerbe Becket, has recently completed this stadium in a collaboration with Oklahoma City firm Nixon & Nixon as the project architect and the Research Institute of South China University of Technology as the architect of record.

With a seating capacity of 80,000, Guangdong Olympic Stadium is the centerpiece of a 10-million-square-foot (930,000-square-meter) complex that will include a hotel and surrounding athletic facilities.

In addition to track-and-field events, Guangdong Stadium will play host to football (soccer), concerts, and exhibitions. The stadium has modern revenue-generating features such as a 108,000-square-foot (10,000-square-meter) retail space, an athletic club, food and beverage service, a 100-room hotel, and 100 private suites.