new england historical architecture  contemporary
001 Crane Library, Quincy, MA 002 Ames Library, North Easton, MA 019 Harold C. Bradley house, Woods Hole, MA
004 Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Exeter, NH 005 Ingalls Ice Arena, New Haven, CT 006 Essex, Cocticut
007 The Mark Twain House, Hartford, CT 008 Mystic Seaport, CT 009 Litchfield, CT
010 Winterthur Museum 011 Martha's Vineyard 012 Nantucket MA
043 Oakes Ames Memorial Hall 037 Walter Gropius house, Lincoln, MA 015 Old Ship Meeting House, Hingham, MA
016 Parson Joseph Capen house, Topsfield, MA 017 John Ward house, Salem, MA 018 G. N. Black house, Kragsyde, Manchester, MA
028 McPhedris-Warner house, Portsmouth, NH 029 Wentworth-Gardner house, Portsmouth, NH 030 Marcel Breuer house, New Canaan, CT
031 "Glass House," Philip Johnson house, New Canaan, CT 032 Art & Architecture Building, Yale U., New Haven, CT 033 Kline Science Center, Yale U., New Haven, CT
034 Knights of Columbus Building, New Haven, CT 035 Falk house, Hardwick, VT 036 Cocticut State Capitol CT
037 Early Industrial Communities 038 Lancaster Meeting House, Lancaster, MA 039 Railroad Stations
040 Lang house, Washington, CT 041 Albany City Hall NY 042 New York State Capitol NY    the architecture you must see