Essential Architecture- New England

Early Industrial Communities




* Mill Town, Harrisville, NH, 1818-50
* New Harmony, New Harmony, IN, c. 1825 (Stedman Whitwell; R: with Robert Owen?)
* Lowell, MA c. 1833 (R: 1821) (R: Kirk Boott)


  64a: Boot Mill, Lowell, MA, general view, photo J. Howe. xx
  64b: Lowell, MA, close view of factory, photo J. Howe. xx
  64c: Harrisville, NH, mill building, photo J. Howe. xx
  64d: Harrisville, NH, view with canal, photo J. Howe. xx
  64e: Harrisville, NH, angle view of mill, 1846, photo 1982, M. Brack. xx
  64f: Harrisville, NH, workers' houses, 1864, photo 1982, M. Brack. xx
  64g: Lowell, MA, Boott Mill, 1824, view (U. Penn. slide coll.: gift of D. T. van Zanten, 1971). xx

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