Essential Architecture- New England

Phillips Exeter Academy Library


Louis I. Kahn, FAIA


Exeter, NH






Brick "ask a brick what it wants to be"


  a. distant view, photo 1989, P. Behrens.
  b. angle view, photo 1975, J. Nicholais (Drexel U.).
  c. close corner view, photo, J. Cohen.
  d. central core, photo, J. Nicholais (Drexel U.).
  e. core looking up, photo, J. Nicholais (Drexel U.).
  f. core, looking toward entrance, photo 1989, P. Behrens.
  g. entrance from below, photo 1975, J. Nicholais (Drexel U.).
  h. carrels, photo 1975, J. Nicholais (Drexel U.).
  i . interior detail, photo 1975, J. Nicholais (Drexel U.).
  j. entry from above, photo 1977, Jack Sidener.
  k. General view from corner, photo 1991, Jacob Albert. [1200x771].
  l. View of stacks from center, photo 1991, Jacob Albert. [812x1200].
The Phillips Exeter Academy Library at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire was designed by Louis Kahn and completed in 1971. It is currently the largest secondary school library in the United States, housing 145,000 volumes on nine levels and has a shelf capacity of 250,000 volumes. In 1995, the library was officially named the Class of 1945 Library, honoring Dr. Lewis Perry, Exeter's eighth principal (1914-1946).



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