mid-west historical architecture contemporary
001 Gateway Arch St. Louis, MO 002 Union Station Kansas City, MO 003 Union Station St. Louis, MO
004 Taliesin Spring Green, WI 005 Legal Research Building, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 006 Douglas House Harbor Springs, MI
007 Paul Brown Stadium Cincinnati, OH 008 IDS Center Minneapolis, MN 009 Walker Art Center Minneapolis, MN
010  Weisman Art Museum Minneapolis, MN 011 Dana-Thomas House Springfield, IL 012 The Athenaeum New Harmony, IN
013 Columbus, Illinois. 014 Cahokia Courthouse, Cahokia, IL 015 Riverside, IL
016 Ward W. Willits house, Highland Park, IL 017 Unity Temple, Oak Park, IL 018 Farnsworth house, Plano, IL
019 Ruth Ford house, Aurora, IL 020 National Farmers' Bank, Owatonna, MN 021 St. John's Abbey Church, Collegeville, MN
022 McGregor Memorial Conference Center, Wayne State U., Detroit, MI 023 College Life Insurance Company, Indianapolis, IN 024 Morse-Libby house, Portland, ME
025 Wainwright Building, St. Louis, MO 026 William L. Clements Library, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 027  Johnson Wax Administration Building, Racine, WI
028 First Herbert Jacobs house, Madison, WI    
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