Essential Architecture-  Chicago Loop South

Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building


Louis Sullivan ; twelve-story south addition, D. H. Burnham Co.; eight-story south addition, Holabird & Root.


1 S. State St.


1898-99 and 1902-04; 1905-06, twelve-story south addition; 1960-61, eight-story south addition


Chicago School 


The ornament of the lower two stories is frozen in cast iron, while at the same time giving the impression of being in fluid motion. It is an excellent example of Sullivan's genius for architectural ornament.


Department Store
  photo before 1903-4 enlargment by Daniel Burnham; Architectural Record, 1904. (J. Howe).
  general view, photo J. Howe.
  upper corner, detail, photo 1980, M. Clausen.
  plan, M. Clausen. diss. Frantz Jourdain and the Samaritaine of 1905, University of California, Berkeley, 1975.
  entrance detail, photo 1980, M. Clausen.
One of the most important structures in early modern architecture, famed for its influential modular construction and design. Visionary architect Louis Sullivan shaped this commercial building--originally built for the Schlesinger and Mayer department store--into a dramatically animated structure that inseparably merges beauty and function.


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